Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TiVo Adds Slingbox Capabilities, Are More Cable Partnerships Coming

TiVo has announced its latest DVR box that seems to do everything from show live and on demand programming to watching streaming video from the web and pushing it out to the TV screen or to any mobile device.  While expensive, with the top of the line box costing $600, it also seems to deliver the kind of rich media experience that heavy video users want, high capacity recorder, TV Everywhere capabilities, and cable and streaming connections.  And of course TiVo is known for a recommendation engine that records shows that might also interest you. 

"The Roamio enhancements could also help the cable industry slow the wave of consumer defections, known as cord-cutters."  The challenge of the cost and the ease of interface with cable operators still matters.  Most cable customers expect their cable operator to deliver them a box ready to plug in and use, with easy installation and service from the company.  Those cable operators already partnering with TiVo deserve praise for seeing the value this option gives to their customers.  Other cable operators need to also start partnering with TiVo.  It becomes too much trouble to make the consumer go through too many steps to get a TiVo and ensure that it works correctly on their cable system.  From getting a CableCard to correct installation and handshake with the cable technology creates trouble.  We should be beyond that for authentication purposes.  It is time for cable operators to get on the TiVo bandwagon and embrace what is an anti-cord cutting machine.