Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Patience Is No Longer A Virtue

We are no longer a society that reflects patience; rather, instantaneous is our mantra.  Like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka, "We Want It Now!"  From technology to politics to business, we expect results immediately.  We have no patience for time to allow change to occur.  Broadband must be faster, cars must drive quicker, politics must immediately address and respond t needs, and changes must be immediate.  We have no patience to wait.

TV is no longer linear, it is on demand and streaming.  A letter takes too long to send, a fax somewhat faster, an e-mail more immediate, but a text is instantaneous.  Can't wait a day or two for a package, a drone may help lessen the time it takes for it to arrive.  Time has become our great enemy.  Speed is essential.  And when it doesn't arrive quickly, we become angry.

And our children, seeing us adapt to quicker outcomes, expect it too.  They have learned from adults that our expectations are higher, our drive for immediacy, intense.  We have certainly benefited from these time saving, but we have also started to forget to breathe, to let things play out, and to use time to our advantage, as a way to process and think and learn.  Especially that patience can be a virtue.