Thursday, July 5, 2007

iPhone scores a big Win

No surprises, the Apple iPhone exceeded all expectations. And for those willing to wait a day, the lines receded and there were plenty of phones still available to purchase. Still, it was interesting to note how many people were willing to purchase an iPhone and contend with the AT&T service; so the next data to look for is how many of those buyers switched carriers to get AT&T, how many came from AT&T already, and how many didn't want to deal with the number portability issue and may be carrying two phones at the moment from two different services.

One recent article suggested that hackers are hard at work seeking ways to bypass AT&T and stll use the phone features; others contend that this is all a huge plot by Steve Jobs to own the wireless market. They point to his dominance with the iPod as proof. I had a chance to play with the phone and it is a beauty to behold. But like the iPod, first generation will begat second generation will begat third, and it should all occur relatively quickly. Get the bugs out with AT&T, blame them when the phone doesn't work properly, then fix the problems and offer the iPhone to the better service carriers. As Apple keeps improving upon its design, dominance is assured.