Monday, June 27, 2011

Foursquare Finds Financial Foothold

Foursquare has found investment interest as it receives $50 million in funding. "The company, which allows users to announce their presence at an ever-growing number of bars, restaurants, offices, arenas, and public spaces recently passed the 10 million user milestone, and just this week inked a deal with American Express to allow Foursquare users with AmEx cards the opportunity to take advantage of cash-back deals." And add me on Friday as one more member.

I went out to the movies, dinner, and the beach this weekend, and each time, I announced my location. And each time, I annoyed my wife as I did it and became fodder for conversation with my friends. Comments like, "so now the crooks know you aren't home" and simply "why?". I have to say I asked myself the same question. None of my three friends on Foursquare live that close to me or did I suspect they would be at any of the places I visited. And I wasn't about to look for other members from their picture, that may also be at the same establishments. And lastly, I have to say, I didn't like having my iPhone beep the location of my friends locations. So after a weekend, I am already considering deleting my app.

Perhaps all I really want is for the location I am visiting to know that I am there and to perhaps treat me with a discount, coupon, or other goodie as a sign of loyalty. As for bumping into friends at locations, I'd rather it be a surprise; otherwise, it starts to look like stalking.

Is it fun to be a "mayor" of a location; I'm not sure I will ever get to know. Perhaps I am missing something, but Foursquare seems more fun as my kids' outdoor recess game. I'd love to hear other opinions, let me know your thoughts.