Friday, December 28, 2007

Video Aggregators - Does You Tube Survive?

When Google realized it couldn't beat You Tube, it felt it had to buy them out. The You Tube phenomenon has become so big, that this year NBC chose to remove its content and bring it in house. NBC and Fox created HULU to showcase their content, while Time Warner and CBS have partnered with VEOH and Viacom with JOOST. Each content provider wants to retain their control and while I see the ad revenue opportunity of long form programming, the short clips seem more valuable as a promotional tool. Wouldn't it be in the content owners best interest to allow You Tube to show clips provided that the clips were from the source and not user generated and were tagged in a way to communicate the linear show and the long form availability on their own platforms. Can't You Tube become more a platform to expand the value of HULU, JOOST, VEOH and others.

It doesn't seem that You Tube will lose its luster. In fact it can become the search engine to support the business. Of final note, these same content owners are not helping these new businesses to grow when the writers strike has stopped more original content from launching on TV and the web. The strike needs to be settled for these sites to grow. For now, no more new Office clips or SNL digital shorts. If the content isn't there, the user will go elsewhere. And while HULU offering Alfred Hitchcock Presents is nice; if viewers weren't watching when it was on TV Land, why should they watch on HULU.