Monday, October 15, 2007

Fox Business News Open For Business

A number of years ago, new TV channels launching on cable were being announced by the truckload. TV Macys, Horse Racing TV, Reelzchannel, and others; some have actually found space on cable line-ups, others not so lucky. And even others, like Trio, found their lights go dark. Recently, new channels are finding launches either as VOD channels or even more likely directly through broadband or IP technology.

So it is interesting to note, that what is old is now new again, as Fox Business News starts its first day of business on the cable line-up. Obviously, the financial backing of Fox is at play to get this channel a foothold on linear TV; but if their success with Fox News Channel is a guide, they understand the formula to gain viewers and build a successful business model. Who would suspect that business news would spawn the type of competition that you only expect to see for other genres, sports, movies, etc. With competition from CNBC and Bloomberg, Fox Business Channel has their work cut out for them to win over an audience and move loyalty viewing over to their product. Should CNBC and Bloomberg be concerned; yes and no. Competition splits the audience further but als raises the interest and brings in new viewers as well. Competition keeps you challenged and forward thinking. Competition will make for better TV.

And as Fox continues to grow their linear TV stable of channels, it demonstrates one other thing. That the power of the big screen is still relevant and vital and that content can still be best served by the TV screen. As Fox Business grows, it will be interesting to see how they build synergy with their online components to create a more unique and accessible viewing experience.