Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is Writers Strike Affecting TV Consumption

Ask yourself, are you watching less TV because the writers strike has stopped production. Per this article and the research it reports, heavy TV viewers are watching significantly less tv. This number does not make sense, especially given the fact that, except for late night talk shows, the nets continued to broadcast original scripted series. In addition, networks like NBC have been able to hold back shows like Medium, for mid season replacement, so that scripted series continue to be available to the viewer. The problems will be felt toward the Summer as scripted series will have dried up and no pilots will have been created to start the Fall season. I believe that is when research can best identify where the viewer is going for content: broadcast, cable, VOD, DVD, on the pc, and even gaming, like the Wii.

So take this research with a grain of salt. It just seems to soon for this extent of repercussion to be felt. And don't expect a significant change in viewing either. Kids have become pretty adept at multi-tasking and they are sure to watch their favorite you tube video as the tv plays on.

My fingers do remain crossed that the DGA agreement leads to the WGA and AMPTP getting back to the table. We have an insatiable need for original content and that will get the real play on You Tube.