Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FCC Tunes In on Sirius-XM Merger

An interesting issue for the FCC to ponder, allowing two competitors to merge, and with it a potential monoply created. Whether there are two or just one satellite radio choice, the pros for allowing outway the cons. A merger would mean that one satellite company would provide access to each company's respective exclusives: NFL, MLB, Howard Stern, Martha, etc. And the consumer still has the ability to choose other car entertainment options including free radio, cds, ipod, etc. The cons, no competitor could mean price gouging. Monopoly or oligopoly, price is ulttimately controlled by demand and there is still choice.

But as technology keeps marching forward, so does choice and the advent of Direct TV to the car and other future possibilities should be considered. I say let the merger go forward and let the free market prevail. That's my 2 ¢.