Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NBC's Anti-TiVo Strategy: Sell The Show

Branded entertainment is not new; it certainly may prove the adage, what is old is new again. I do predict that the typical :30 commercial will one day go the way of the dinosaur. Sponsorship programming will allow brands to break through clutter and is virtually DVR proof. And as television becomes more interactive, viewers/users that want to know more can click a button to either flag the ad for future viewing, move to another device for download, or simply send an email to remind you to go to the corresponding website.

The challenge is that only large advertisers can afford to sponsor shows and smaller advertisers may find that broadcast is no longer the ideal medium to introduce or sell their product or service. But the death of the :30 linear commercial means that new avenues to advertise can emerge. And alternative choices have already popped up: VOD advertising, web advertising, overlays, and other creative new media options.