Friday, August 10, 2007

Murdoch sets his sights on big players

There are a few business leaders who seem to have their eye on the future path of technology, information, and entertainment and Rupert Murdoch is definitely one to admire. From his recent acquisition of Dow Jones to his ownership of multiple content and technology platforms, from Fox to My Space. His latest cable channel, Fox Business News with definitely prosper with the power of Dow Jones behind it. I'm sure his lawyers are already looking for ways to break the CNBC relationship or at least work around it to help drive the growth of his business channel. As he assembles these businesses together, I'm excited to see the kind of synergies and convergence he has planned. It is clear to me that he has a definite strategic vision to build a global platform for distribution. His empire is not finished growing and the pieces missing include a search engine and an IPTV platform. Buy or build, his finger is clearly on the pulse of progress.