Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 TV Viewing Continues to Edge Up

Hey broadcast and cable TV, consumers still like to watch TV! "Americans watched more television than ever in 2010, according to the Nielsen Company. Total viewing of broadcast networks and basic cable channels rose about 1 percent for the year, to an average of 34 hours per person per week." And while cable viewership grows, broadcast viewership is stronger. Even with video content access on computers and mobile devices, consumers like to watch TV in a lean back, television experience.

Still, we should look broader at usage as content is the thing and where it is watch may be of less importance to the fact that it is watched at all. Thanks to DVRs and On Demand, convenience has been served for the viewer on the television to match the convenience of mobility. Subscription and ad revenue,no matter where it is paid, all lines the pockets of content creators and distributors. And with more devices to watch on, there is even more demand for content. So keep producing more TV shows, there is an audience for it.