Saturday, January 23, 2010

Howard Stern Leaving Sirius to Return to Terrestrial Radio?

Sirius is trading under $0.70 and Howard Stern, its superstar, may be leaving. For Sirius, digital radio should be more than Howard. Access to all audio sporting events, non-stop music, and unlimited genre choice. For Howard, Sirius was 5 years ago, freedom from FCC violations and the opportunity to make tons of money. He may escaped one but not the other and his future may be back on FCC controlled radio.

Howard lost his wide audience when he moved to Sirius, and perhaps also lost his throne as King of All Media. Is ego more important than money, 5 years later? And can today's radio handle his shock jock antics again. It seems likely it is posturing to renew his Sirius deal, but I doubt the next contract will be as rich as the first.