Friday, November 2, 2007

Writers Guild Negotiators Eye Monday Strike

Just an absolute shame if the writers strike. it seems that the writers feel shortchanged from their last deal and their negotiated DVD percentage of payments. What is clear is that as technology has created new distribution platforms, new revenue opportunities exist and all people involved in the creation of original content deserve their "fair share" of the profits. I only hope that they come to agreement quickly.

NYT Site Unveils Revamped Tech Section

The New York Times seems to get it. Revamping their technology website and aggregating content from across other multiple sites along with the Times own expertise. It is taking the power of the New York Times brand to bring people to your site, the synergy with the press edition to market it, and the variety and depth of content to keep users inside its pages. And with compelling content and strong promotion, I have no doubt the Times will see longer page views and more users to their technology website. Now instead of accessing multiple web pages, the user gets all the editorial from other sources pulled onto one page. The same principal should be employed across all the other sections of the NY Times website. While the paper has always been a must read, providing access to related content from outside their site, will make the online edition a must read as well.