Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hulu Leads Free TV Streaming

"Hulu leads the market for free streaming television services in the U.S." When I read that first line, it took me a moment to clarify this achievement from others. So among streaming providers of television shows offered for free to viewers to watch, Hulu ranks first.  At the same time, viewers are also willing to go directly to the networks' websites to stream shows as well.  And while Hulu led with 43% of TV show streams, "CBS (CBS), the only major broadcast network that does not provide its content to Hulu in the U.S., was second in total streams last year, with 10%."

When you look at TV show streams from subscription based services, Netflix is number one.  In addition, the number of streams are equally split between paid and free TV content.  So where is You Tube in the mix; obviously, You Tube is much more about short form and UGC clips and so was not compared in this study. And while this study does not indicate whether this TV streaming usage has grown from the year prior, it most likely seems that as more TV content finds itself to the web, the number of streams is increasing as well.