Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Time Warner Changing Back to Warner Bros

It seems that Time Warner is ready to spin off another business. First it was AOL and now the talk is that Time Inc will be next. It seems that its core competency is video production and the print business has no synergy for them to utilize. Once done, they will be left with the Warner Bros studio, HBO, and the Turner Networks, TNT, TBS, TCM, et al. And what to do then? The talk is that the cash from these sales will be used to purchase more video product. "One of those mentioned often is debt-hobbled MGM, the fabled but faded movie studio that has recently sent its chairman Harry Sloan packing and brought in restructuring expert Stephen Cooper to seek additional capital. Warner’s name also pops up often when talk turns to NBC, although its owner General Electric has so far said it has no intentions of selling." Of course there is speculation on other smaller cable networks like Hallmark, AMC, and others.

It seems the talk in the industry remains consolidation. It is big fish eating little fish and perhaps some big fish being eaten as well. At the end, content, like the distribution side of the business, will be controlled by a limited few, with some independents nibbling at the fringes and trying to make a living.