Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tivo Wins Again

Talk about a court case never ending and monies that may never appear, but Tivo has won again against Dish and the lawsuit still continues. "A panel of federal appeals judges has found Dish Network Corp. and EchoStar Corp. in contempt of court for failing to abide by an injunction barring them from using technology patented by TiVo Inc. in older Dish set-top boxes. The judges are sending the case back to a lower court to consider whether a work-around technology being used in newer Dish boxes still infringes on TiVo's patents." What is sure to follow is another round of appeals and more delays and by then, the technology will probably be obsolete.

Today, Tivo is to DVRs what Kleenex is to tissues, synonymous in the minds of most consumers. While certainly different in the benefits they offer, not understood by most consumers. And so while this legal fight will surely continue, Tivo must do more to ingratiate itself with both cable and over the top platforms. That means Tivo approved set top boxes, Tivo inside of XBox and Playstation and even a Tivo Apple combination. That is where the real winning will occur.