Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Facebook Becoming Third Most Popular Website

Facebook usage continues to explode, while My Space appears to be a no show. According to Comscore, it is besting Yahoo and third to Google and Microsoft. "In December, 2009, Facebook attracted 469 million unique visitors, up an incredible 31 million visitors from the month before. To put that in perspective, in a single month Facebook gained as many new visitors as Yahoo did all year. That one-month gain was also the equivalent of adding as many people as all of Digg or half of" That is an amazing growth story.

But Facebook needs to adapt and change. While it is nice to read about friends' activities, it is too easy to lose site of best friends and relatives from simple acquaintances. There needs to be a better way to sift through the blather to more important friend comments. Also, it would be nice for Facebook to be an aggregator of current news, where friend's comment of those news stories could also be featured. Facebook is like the gathering tree, a virtual place to share real news as well as personal tidbits and gossip; to stay connected, despite living many miles away. That (and its silly games) make Facebook a must visit site every day.

iPad AND Verizon

Apple's iPad announcement had one big miss, no new wireless platform partners. Well the rumors abound that this situation should change. Verizon is still in the mix and an agreement could be announced by mid year. "Wall Street analysts who initially reported a Verizon-Apple deal -- which hasn't been announced yet -- made similar predictions today. They didn't know if Apple's hitch with Verizon was technical or business-related, but at least two analysts were confident that Apple would announce a Verizon deal sometime this year." Let us hope that news is true.