Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What if SiriusXM integrated with OnStar?

I was just wondering, if SiriusXM and OnStar combined their technologies into one device, you'd have a tremendous entertainment tool combined with interactivity, GPS, and voice. When the system was not being used for emergency purposes, it could relay local area alerts, including traffic updates. Too much for one device or an ultimate opportunity to sell OnStar and Sirius on non-equipped cars.

All Hail Social Networking - News, Shopping, Gaming, Gossip

I think social networks are an addiction; but in this case, that may not be a bad thing. A check on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites and I can get updates on breaking news, sport score, friends' birthdays, and much more. I can post an update, ask a question, and get feedback when I need it. "Social networks and blogs are taking up more and more of Americans time online, now accounting for nearly a quarter of our time spent on the Internet, according Nielsen's social media report." The article suggests that gaming on social sites is carved out, but I am not sure I agree. In fact I was heartbroken to learn that Scramble will be shutting down on Facebook.

It's funny, when I started using Twitter I was less impressed. But as I found more interesting accounts to follow, the value of Twitter soared. Some people simply like to Tweet inane comments, others try to be funny, some overdue the number of Tweets per day, and some are invaluable. I care little where someone is currently having their cup of coffee, but appreciate when they share an article of interest. And some just bring a chuckle during the day. But most importantly, I feel that I am up to date when important news is released.

Is there enough revenue to go around? Those that link into web sites for more depth of coverage will find more success. Advertising and paid subscription on mobile devices to quickly get to more information. And apps to "bookmark" for later reading or viewing on a device of our choice when we are finally ready to consume it.

Social networking lets us share. We seem less concerned with revealing more and more of ourselves these days through these sites. True, even politicians have been exposing themselves through these sites. But despite that, if you believe the motto that "information is power", social networking delivers the information.