Friday, September 9, 2011

Liberty Media Should Buy Tivo

There is wide spread speculation what Liberty Media should do one it spins off some of its assets. According to Malone and Maffei, Liberty will have quite a bit of cash available for acquisitions. "Asked if shareholders should expect Liberty to delve into companies outside the realm of traditional media, like its recent investments in book retailer Barnes & Noble, Malone said the goal is to invest in or acquire businesses where its management can have an impact." The article suggests Sirius, but I would think that Tivo could be a target, too.

With a worldwide distribution platform, including DirecTv, Tivo is a perfect fit. In fact, Tivo technology is already utilized in DirecTv boxes. So why not expand that reach. A purchase would give them the push to embrace Tivo in a wider platform footprint as well as encourage more innovation with IP connections and content. And it seems it could lead to higher long term value.

Is Tivo being mentioned publicly? Not that I have been reading. But it seems a brand that could do well with a relationship with a company like Liberty. Since Comcast never took my urging in an earlier blog to buy, Liberty could be the next best bet.