Monday, January 12, 2015

Apple Watch, Boom Or Bust

Today's Wall Street Journal reminds us that software ultimately drives the best hardware and as it relates to the future release of the Apple Watch, those apps could be amazing.  With wearable technology a hot topic from this year's CES, watches and other bands are already on the market, capturing heartbeats and steps and more.  But to hear tell it, beyond early adopters, nothing has truly broken the mold. 

So a lot of consumers as well as investors have their eyes on the Apple Watch ready to see if it delivers a home run just as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad certainly have done.  If the Apple Watch finds little appeal, the Apple cache may take a beating; but if it proves to be a winner, some "project the watch will sell 30 million units in its first year, increasing Apple’s value by more than 10% and adding more than $50 billion to its market cap." 

The Apple Watch will certainly look cool, but how it functions is all in the apps and coming up with functions that add real value to our lives.  As the iPhone has created some terrific uses, from holding electronically all my loyalty cards to easier payment with Apple Pay, the Apple Watch could extend some of that functionality to the wrist.  It might also let us chat with Siri to more quickly call up certain functions.  For the next couple months, we will eagerly wait to hear what uniquely the Apple Watch brings to our lifestyle.  Boom or bust, we will have to wait and see.