Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Digital Continues Its Growth Over Traditional Media

Advertising dollars are not limitless.  Total dollars spent may grow every year, but with choice comes more allocation.  And the more that new media demonstrates its value to reach and convey marketing messages, the more that dollars will move out of one pocket into another. 

According to ZenithOptimedia, digital will see an increase in media share while the big losers will be TV and print media.  The rapid increase in digital, due in part by its ability to target and segment by actual user as opposed to household, offers greater cost efficiency and effectiveness.  Its easy to see why. 

With a user having more than one digital device, a smartphone and a tablet, perhaps also a laptop or desktop, they are reachable on a one to one level.  Television may know that the household owns a TV set, or two or even three, but they don't know for sure who in the household is watching the show.  is it the father, the mother, the daughter or son, the grandparent, or combination of any or all.  And while television advertising can be effective in reaching an audience, a table can more accurately count the time spent, the click, the purchase, and more.  And the better the experience gets, the more dollars that will keep flowing to digital ad budgets.