Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sirius Earnings Up

The car industry is improving, Sirius is included in most models, and more subs are keeping them turned on. It seems that Sirius is making all the right moves. "With Sirius XM being projected to end the year with over 20.1M subscribers, and the current direction of Comcast’s subscriber growth, it won’t be long before the Satellite Radio provider will be claiming the number one spot for subscriber based business models." That is quite an accomplishment for a company that was struggling to stay afloat.

Does Howard Stern make a difference? Probably some, but the sub losses would be offset by other niches and the overall margins could possibly improve. Still Howard and Sirius seem like the perfect pairing and Howard is benefiting more by subscriber additions. He has shares in the company and with the stock price rising, he should be pleased.

Apple iPad Has A Rival

Apple has never feared competition. It continues to do its own thing and seems to have a habit of leading the field. As a result it has shown phenomenal growth in a relatively short period of time. The latest field of play is tablets and the iPad has once again been the front runner. Well it seems the competition is starting to show its hand and coming up with notable alternatives. The latest comes from Samsung. "Samsung's strategy is to point out things you can accomplish that are challenged or impossible on an iPad. A promotional video shows Galaxy Tab in the palm of a user's hand as the person moves around, navigating maps, browsing the Web and engaging in a video conference." Obviously we now wait for Apple's latest version to come out to show that for evey step that the competition makes, Apple takes two bigger steps.