Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Web bubble 2.0 for social networks?

Is social networking more fad than future? How do the applications of social networking converge with the entertainment media? ABC has just announced a relationship with Facebook and Fox and My Space are adding more newsfeeds to their site. So it is hard to imagine a bursting bubble, but more change is coming. levels of sharing of personal information must occur. I for one am not sure I want to mix my business social net circle with my personal circle.

The best opportunity for social networks to change is with video applications. As IP TV becomes more a reality, this convergence should become even easier for the consumer to enable and enjoy. Opinions registered right on the screen and easier interactivity for the average non-tech consumer to handle.

Also from Media Week, "Worldwide shipments of multimedia-enabled mobile phones will exceed 300 million units next year, surpassing shipments of television sets, according to a research report by MultiMedia Intelligence. By 2011, about 9 of 10 mobile phones will include capabilities such as video playback" Technology is enabling more social networking, not bursting it.