Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hulu in Hi Def (Why do some still want to call it Hula?)

Unfortunately not all of Hulu's content is in HD, but I'm sure that will come very soon. Why this is big news at all indicates that it must be a slow news day. Previously, they have added HD movie trailers and clips. So now they have added TV episodes and my favorite video, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. ABC has already been showing HD content on their broadband player. "And in terms of HD, Hulu, ABC, and CBS all have a leg up on Apple TV and Amazon Unbox, which don't offer any TV episodes in HD. The Xbox Video Marketplace has had HD shows for download since its launch back in fall 2006"

Still it is inevitable that all content will be shot in HD and pitched to consumers. On the receiving side of the equation, consumers are more dependent on the speed of their broadband connection, the player that is streaming the content, and the monitor that the user is watching it on. All those elements affect what the final product looks like.

The bigger news for Hulu is that they are presenting the content without their "limited commercial interruptions". And that obviously won't last for long.