Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cable's Next Revenue Stream

Apple and Steve Jobs are known as the innovators of next generation products, built to be ergonomically designed and easy to use. And so it is easy for folks to speculate where Apple will go next; and inside the home is the next frontier. But as it involves wire and wirless communication, it is also an opportunity for the cable industry. Cable has built the pipe to the home and it is time for them to design the communication inside the home as well. Devices need to speak to all the cable devices: cable box, modem, etc. Apple may try to build the product, but cable should manage the flow.

Today in the home, cable is barely scratching the surface when it offers to show the phone number of the telephone call on the TV set. How about easily pushing content from TV to TV; or letting me see who is at the front door while I'm watching TV in the kitchen.

Apple can build the product; cable can interconnect them in a meaningful way. The business must become more interactive and service oriented. Cable companies have the staff to deliver that exceptional service to make all the devices in the home, whether its the cable box or the pc, the picture frame or the refrigerator, the security system or the wireless phone or the clock radio, talk to each other.