Friday, September 26, 2014

Univision Next On The Block?

Financial Times has released a story that has been around a while.  They continue to speculate that the private equity investors of Univision are "considering their options after seven years of ownership. A sale or initial public offering could be on the cards."  Considering that shareholders of DIrecTv have approved a purchase by AT&T and that Fox may be interested in acquiring Scripps, such news is simply part of a much larger media merger environment. 

In my opinion, Univision could be a valuable addition to many portfolios. Their core audience represents a growing market base and ratings for Univision programming continue to reach the size of the big 4 broadcasters.  In fact, there are times that they get larger ratings than one of these other broadcasters on certain nights.  With that reach, it seems likely that synergies are easy to achieve.