Friday, January 16, 2015

Google Glass Reboot

The future of wearable technology is not glasses... at least not yet.  Google has decided to stop selling this ahead of the curve product as it figures out how to make it more useful for the consumer.  And while the team plans to improve upon it before its re-release, they recognize that changes need to be made. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, "The updated gadget will be cheaper and have longer battery life, improved sound quality and a better display."  They will also look at combining it with existing eye wear for those of us who already need glasses simply to see.  Of course functionality and ergonomics are at the heart of Google Glass.  Do consumers really want to wear glasses, especially if they don't have to.  Perhaps Google should partner with Lenscrafters or Pearl Vision Center to get better research on how consumers choose their frames.

And just for fun, may I suggest to Google that they drop the idea of glasses altogether.  Just watch Star Trek and the only character to wear glasses was Geordi La Forge and that was because he was blind.  Instead, Google should consider a fashionable pin accessory,
one used in the Next Generation episodes, with a camera and bluetooth ear piece for communication.  We've borrowed everything else from Star Trek, why not this too. 

Fox News Returns To Dish

While this deal left Fox News off Dish for a month, both sides eventually negotiated a deal to return both Fox News and Fox Business News to the line-up.  And like other negotiations before it, the cycle is once again complete.  Of course, it is only a matter of time for the next cable operator and cable network to go through the same song and dance revolving around contract renewal, network drop, and eventual network re-launch. 

Given that Fox News is the number one rated cable news network, the only surprise may be just how long Dish held out before finally accepting a deal.  We may never know who blinked first, but it seems eventually one side always blinks.