Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sirius Subscribers Growing

Sirius had some pretty impressive growth for the first quarter of this year, adding almost 375,000 new customers and exceeding 20 million customers in total. And Sirius expects to add another million through the rest of this year. A healthy gain even considering the concern over automobile production due to the horrific problems in Japan.

Also the article notes that average revenue per Sirius subscriber remains flat. Hopefully higher subscriber numbers can justify higher advertising spending. Sirius needs to also market harder to get it's mobile app sold on every iPad, iPod, and iPhone which could help them significantly. It is an untapped audience that could add a significant group and extend listening for current auto subscribers.

All in all, the Sirius team seems to have found its focus, despite competition from so many others, as well from a struggling economy. For customers to pay for radio content, free on conventional radio, is a testament to the business model.