Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not Likely To Add Facebook's Messenger

Yes, I too have been asked to download and launch the Facebook Messenger app to converse with my Facebook friends.  And I like many it seems have not launched the service on any of my devices.  Those that really want to text, email, or talk know my email address, cell phone, and hopefully my other contact information too.  Frankly, one more messenger service does not make my life easier. 

When the message app was inside Facebook, it did enable another way to connect to a friend.  But admittedly, I didn't use it that much.  If I didn't post a Happy Birthday message on their wall, it was a message to wish them congratulations.  And like Facebook, when I use the message app inside LinkedIn, it quickly enables a one on one conversation; but I would be equally concerned if LinkedIn tried to create a separate messenger app as well.  Then, it back to the email and text route. 

For those that have made the switch to the Facebook Messenger app, the comments have been less than kind.  Per Huntington Post, "Since Facebook started forcing people to switch over, Messenger has climbed to the top spot for free apps in the Apple App Store. That said, the newest version of the app has a terrible 1-star rating."  At this point, I don't plan to download it.