Monday, February 4, 2008

Convergence at the Super Bowl

Big game this weekend. The Super Bowl proved just that and it wasn't all about the play on the field. It also was the chance to highlight the most creative advertising. It was the day to turn off your TIVO or your DVR. And from discussions with friends, it led to future talk around the water cooler. Even more fascinating, these same ads made their way to the web, heck Fox's broadcast reminded viewers to go to My Space to watch these ads again and again. Sites like AOL have these spots as well and ask the viewer to vote their favorite. It seems the younger audience didn't mind leaving the action of the game to immediately relive the commercial online.

Welcome to convergence, interaction, and social media all rolled up in one. Digital doesn't replace TV viewing, it augments it, it invites discussion and debate, it enables the user to relive the experience. And in its ultimate form, it will find away to circle the user right back to the TV to enjoy the experience on a big screen environment.