Friday, June 8, 2007

Live Ad invades the Tonight Show

So why does this in-program ad deserve discussion in today's Wall Street Journal? It certainly isn't a first. Have the writer or editors not watched American Idol - Ford and Coke ads inside each show. It is not a new phenomenon. I am a Letterman fan and frankly there are some comic bits that could be mistaken for in placement ads. And yes, this practice of a live commercial has been a part of TV before, albeit it has not been recent since American Idol. Shows like Milton Berle and his Texaco Theatre, Jack Benny and Jello and Lucky Strikes, and many more examples integrated these sponsors and wrote fun scripts to push the product. So don't mistake this for TV 2.0 or interactive advertising, this is plain old in-program ad placement.

It is not new, but it will help folks that DVR or TIVO to not fast forward and stay tuned for the entertainment value of these sponsored spots. And that is the key phrase, because if they stop being entertaining, viewers will stop paying attention.