Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playstation 3 Users: "Are You Ready For Some Football!"

Hello football fans. With the strike over and pre-season here, it may just be time to think about how to best watch football games. Local fans will always have access to their home teams, but for out of market fans, watching your Eagles, Cowboys, Packers or another is much harder, unless you are a DirecTv subscriber. Until now.

"The satellite service said Wednesday that it will distribute its exclusive live game out-of-market package to both current DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket customers, as well as non-DirecTV football fans through PlayStation 3 video game consoles, joining Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League in offering games through the Sony-produced players. ... DirecTv will also offer Sunday Ticket on alternative distribution platforms via Motorola's Xoom and Samsung Galaxy tablets; Motorola's Android phones; the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch; BlackBerry devices with 3G or Wi-Fi; Palm Pre/Pixi; and other Droid-branded phones." What isn't specified yet is whether these games will be shown in HD or not. Still, it opens up viewership to a whole new level!

I wouldn't be surprised to hear from cable operators about this new offering. They would love to have the same opportunity to offer all NFL games as well, through their cable box as well as to authenticated mobile platforms. This announcement will certainly lead to more conversations with the NFL. As for us out of market football fans, get ready for some football!