Friday, September 6, 2013

Samsung Smartwatch Getting Great Press From Today Show

Thanks to Hoda Kotb and the Today Show, the Samsung Smartwatch has been getting some great press.  While demonstrating the new watch, Hoda accidentally shared her cell phone number as well.  The result, she began to receive call after call as well as voice mail messages.  The resulting flub has led to more press on the Today Show as well as across media.  Great stuff.

Aereo Competitor Shut Down By The Courts

Federal courts sided with the broadcasters against FilmOn X, an Aereo type of product that offers consumers broadband access to broadcast channels.  While not completely stopped, FilmOn X can not continue to operate its business under their lawsuit is settled.  "The injunction issued by (U.S. District Judge Rosemary) Collyer applies nationwide, except in the jurisdiction of the 2nd Circuit, which includes New York, Connecticut and Vermont. The 2nd Circuit's decision in the Aereo case applies in that geographical region, Collyer said."  

How different the Aereo business model is from the FilmOn X model may be at the center of each of their lawsuits.  Can an antenna be an antenna whether it is in the home or situated in another area and operated by a third party?  Can these companies each claim that they are charging for the ancillary service that they offer and not for the broadcast signal itself.  Certainly in the world of digital media rights, these and other concerns need to be addressed.  For now, Aereo may be a bit concerned by this recent ruling.