Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Companies Hang Up on Apple's iPhone

Is lack of compatability to office email an issue for the iPhone? No. The bigger issue is that the device is only available through AT&T/Cingular. While executives are tired of carrying too many pieces of equipment on themselves, I believe it will not stop folks from carrying their current blackberry and the iPhone at the same time. Why - First, to keep separate their personal email from their office email, to NOT be connected to their office ALL the time. Hence, two devices. Second, most already carry other devices - ipod, personal cellphone, gameboy, psp, personal dvd player. The iPhone will still enable some consolidation of devices. I've met many folks that already carry both a cellular phone and a blackberry. BUT, I am not a fan of the AT&T phone service, the iPhone's only current carrier. Having switched to Verizon Wireless, I've enjoyed better connections, less drops, and more reliability. Also, at the current price tag, the iPhone is not for everyone, but it will not stop those that want its features from taking it while retaining their business blackberry device at the same time. Me, I'll wait till the Verizon version is released.