Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Multi-Platform Ads Boost Effectiveness Of Campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns that work across all platforms, TV, radio, web, etc, naturally are more effective as they use frequency and reach to break through the clutter. But how many ad budgets can afford to spend across so many platforms. The rise of internet advertising and its ability to hyper target a specific audience is proving so popular as to see it already surpassing other old media platforms in ad spending. Per a Bloomberg report, " Internet advertising spending will surpass radio this year, with about 9.5 percent of ad budgets worldwide allocated to online media, said Steve King, head of Publicis Groupe SA's ZenithOptimedia unit." And internet ad spending will shortly overtake other media as well.

The solution for these businesses is to build out content across multiple media platforms. And so we find all these content creators merchandising their content across web platforms. Digital growth requires all businesses to create content that can be consumed across multiple platforms to retain their fair share of ad budgets. "Consumers spend 15 percent of their time on the Internet, while 9 percent of advertising budgets are on the Web, leaving room for growth, King said. He said rising Internet use will also drive online ad spending, with 19 percent of the world's population having Web access in 2008, compared with 17 percent last year."

And so we see radio networks, magazines, and other old media businesses talk about their online businesses; it is where their audience is heading and they need to stay relevant in this new space. But they can also offer the opportunity to reach and target their audience across multiple platforms that their content touches.