Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apple Needs Content

Apple has taken another leap into the TV set with a new and improved "converter box" experience. No longer will the Apple TV need to access content from a mac, now it can go directly to the clouds. "Apple TV had previously allowed users to rent television shows from iTunes, but the new update essentially allows them to use iTunes like a storage locker for purchased shows that can be watched at any time. Rentals are still allowed, but part of Apple’s pitch for iCloud has been the ability to access your files essentially anywhere at any time if you’re using an Apple mobile device." Easier to access, easier to watch, it's a whole new experience.

But like the boy in "Oliver", we want more. For Apple it means more content. Netflix users have argued that their is limited content available to stream. Apple users will demand even more content for viewing. As Apple moves down this path of cloud access for content, consumers will expect that they will have ultimate choice: Do they want to rent or own the content, do they want a hard copy or just streamed, can they rent for one day or get a discount for multiple days. And that there will be choice.

If Apple is truly in the hunt for acquiring a content distributor, a Hulu or Netflix to fill the queue. Or Apple needs to make more aggressive deals with networks to access their content directly. The consumer is yelling for more and Apple is clearly moving in that direction to deliver.