Friday, April 22, 2016

Viacom Couldn't Risk Losing Dish Carriage

For all the craziness surrounding Viacom these days, including the health of founder Sumner Redstone, dealing with a potential Dish drop might just have been the death of Viacom.  Luckily, MTV, Comedy Central, and the other Viacom channels will continue to be enjoyed by the 14 mm Dish subscribers.  According to Deadline, the programmer agreed to multiple demands, including channels that "will run on the satellite company’s Sling TV streamed service."  An important need to build value as a TV Everywhere provider.

And while other terms weren't announced, one must wonder if a price increase was also passed through.  Given the threat of cord cutting, it gets harder and harder to keep passing those costs on to the subscriber.  There is now a greater need to find revenue growth through more advertising and other assets.  Sling TV counts as one more way to drive growth and customer satisfaction to the Dish customer.