Monday, March 16, 2015

What Do Millennials And Generation Edge Want

I saw an interesting stat posted on Twitter from an article in the Wall Street Journal:

While it took 75 years for the telephone to reach more than 50 million users, Facebook took only 3.5 years, and Angry Birds only 35 days.  With each generation becoming more and more tech savvy, early adoption can grow quite steadily into mainstream usage.  A successful product, like the iPhone, becomes a global must-have product, Google Glass still seeks to prove its value in order to achieve mainstream adoption.

By understanding the Millennial and Generation Edge audiences, their current consumption habits and future desires, companies can better deliver products and services that they desire.  In today's Wall Street Journal, researchers focused specifically on Millennial online activities and habits.  "The three most popular digital activities among the survey respondents were checking and sending email (72%), keeping up with what friends are doing (71%), and streaming music, TV, or movies (68%)."  Connectivity has become more and more crucial to our lives.  Authorized sharing has become very important while privacy becomes an issue for controlling who we let in to our circles. 

For the younger generation, being part of what is cool and trending has weight, especially, when our circle approves.  Shows on Netflix, new apps, products and services all get discussed and reviewed and approved or disapproved.  Gaining that buzz and affirmation, especially from this younger generation will drive future growth.