Thursday, October 29, 2015

NY Times Likes The Apple TV

Quite an endorsement today in the New York Times for the new Apple TV set top box.  The writer, Brian Chen, speaks glowingly of this new generation box, applauding it for both unique apps and a better remote.  It may be more expensive than other OTT boxes, but Chen remarks that "Apple TV is on the path to turning the television set into a smarter connected screen." 

The price point may drive some people away, but seeing how consumers are willing to pay more for a better built product has been the history of Apple.  They have done it with their iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and have kept their price point higher with the Apple Watch and now the Apple TV. The Apple TV starts at $149 while a Google Chromecast could access OTT streams for just $35.  Given the features described for the Apple TV, the higher price point might just be justified. 

Will the Apple TV be a holiday winner?  I'm sure it will be highly touted in all the Apple stores along with Apple Watches and other products.  For Apple it could be another strong quarter.