Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tivo Unveils cable card enable settop box

So what does the cablecard mean for I suggested in an earlier blog, it opens up the market and allows more products to interface with cable more effectively. And the first to market seems to be Tivo with a DVR that reads the cable signal and allows easy recording and viewing. Having worked with a Tivo that only received non-scrambled signals, the cable card enables the Tivo device to work even better, recording all shows accessible through the cable line. To me, Tivo is like a luxury vehicle while a cable DVR is a family station wagon. They both go from A to B, but Tivo, with its bells and whistles, and easy to use navigation, travels in style. I've been on both road trips and prefer my Tivo! Are more cablecard products on the horizon, I certainly hope so.