Monday, December 27, 2010

Star Trek Predicts The Future Again

It seems that Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, made 40 some years ago, continue to predict the future. From disks to store data to mobile phones, the future was in the creator's mind and brought to life on TV. And now another reality emerges with the Universal Translator. On the show, languages spoken were translated into English. Today, what is written can be successfully translated thanks to new apps. "... the brand new TGPhoto app lets you take a picture of foreign words with your smartphone and translates the text for you. Developed by LinguaSys, a translation software company, TGPhoto works with 50 languages, including many that use non-English characters, including Russian, Arabic and several Asian languages." I can only suspect that developers are already working on apps that will record the language spoken and play back translations. Amazing how science fiction is now fact.