Friday, August 5, 2011

Add Print, Box Store, and Digital, Then Stir

I am always intrigued when new partnerships emerge, especially when they seem so out of box. To me the latest announcement that Esquire and JC Penney are working together strikes me as a terrific opportunity. "Clad, a new e-commerce partnership between JC Penney and Esquire magazine, will launch later this month." I like it for both parties for a number of reasons. The JC Penney brand comes with a ton of pre-conceived notions; perhaps, too, so does Esquire. Each brand is known for its particular space, but less impact in the digital, e-commerce world. The two together brings upscale print with merchandising and distribution. And an e-commerce site ideally captures new business without hurting the existing business strategies of each company.

Obviously I wonder if the recent hiring of the head of Apple's retail stores to JC Penney helped to initiate such a deal. Whether it had an effect or not, it brings JC Penney further into the present and matches the editorial style of the Esquire brand. Like what you see, why not easily buy it.