Monday, May 19, 2008

Comcast Interactive Capital Invests in CDN GridNetworks

In a world of what you want when you want it, content remains king. And as consumers demand that this content follow them wherever they go, it offers new business opportunities. For content creators, the question is whether the current content accessible on one device is valuable on another or whether it needs to be massaged to be more valuable in a new format. Screen size, multimedia interactivity, all impact how the content is best enjoyed on different screens.

And behind this accessibility to content is the backbone. Cable provided a wired world to this enjoyment and consumption. And their large pipe quickly forced telcos to become competitive again or risk losing all their customers. And telco has the added advantage of wireless to add another delivery opportunity to support the consumer's desire for mobility.

This new investment by Comcast in gaining more control of the pipe along with the other announcments of partnerships with Sprint in the wifi world is indicative that this fight is going to the streets. The flow of content is big business as these assets are becoming larger and larger files that need space and speed to reach their ultimate destinations. And these announcements are good next steps to assuring that the river of content continues to grow so more content can flow to the user.