Friday, April 11, 2008

How Much Information Do I Really Want To Share

If you have a My Space account, or Facebook, or Plaxo, or Linked In, on another social network site, you know that everything you do is shared with your "friends". You took a quiz, you wrote on the wall, you watched a video, you played a game, you bought a cupcake...

And as far as I'm concerned, it literally is screaming out, YOU ARE GOOFING OFF!

So how much information do I want to share. I like that it tells people when I wrote a blog, I like that it shares my upcoming birthday (sorry you missed it), I like that it lets people know if we have common friends, I like that it tells others what I want them to know, a la twitter type message. But I want to be able to control the information. The information I am okay sharing may not be the same information you are willing to share. That choice should be explicitly made by the user.

This recent announcement of the collaboration of My Space with video content Providing this connection may make these sites even more the "home page" for each user's online experience. As more applications become possible to access, combined with the ease of sharing new online discoveries with "friends", these social nets become even more connected to our online activities.

I just want to have more control over what I want to actively and passively share. I don't want to make my life that much of an open book. I still want to retain some privacy of my actions. These sites may be fun to use but it allows others (friends, work, etc.) to track you too. Be mindful of what you are doing online and who might be seeing it.