Friday, September 12, 2014

Is It Time To Throw Away The Newspaper?

Given the ease and immediacy of the tablet, the advantages of home delivery of the newspaper has shrunk.  But change is hard and I have enjoyed getting the paper delivered to the home every morning for a very long time.  I still remember back in school when our teacher wanted us to get the Wall Street Journal to best understand the market and the economy.  For those that love the morning paper and a good cup of coffee, it is endless joy to read "all the news that's fit to print". 

But over the last year, my home delivery has been sporadic.  Missed delivery, late delivery, previous day's paper delivery have all added up to a poor customer experience.  And each time that happens, I turn to the web or to the paper's corresponding app to get my news instead.  I have resigned myself to one last mistake before pulling the plug on home delivery of the newspaper.

What will I save? First, peace of mind that the newspaper will be automatically accessible in my iPad as I have become more comfortable reading the paper on a smaller electronic device.  Second, a cost savings that drives up the cost of a print edition higher than digital.  And third, less time wasted calling the newspaper to complain, getting a one-day credit, and arguing that its delivery service will cost them a subscriber.  I know I am not alone.

Funny, the paper that causes me the most angst is the NY Post.  My NY Times and Wall Street Journal print subscription both give me app access to their papers.  And I appreciate it.  My NY Post subscription does not give me access to their app.  And their website is difficult to navigate and limited in the articles posted to what is in the paper.   So one last mistake and I am making the switch.  And once I do, I will likely do the same with my other papers.  Perhaps I will keep the Sunday print edition of the NY Times, but the more comfortable I get with reading on the tablet and the less I have to deal with shoddy home delivery, the better I will be.