Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bill Carter Leaves NY Times

If there was anyone with his finger on the pulse of television, especially late night television, it is Bill Carter.  As both a reporter for the NY Times and an author of books like The Late Shift, Carter is a recognizable name in the world of media.  But the financial issues of newspapers and the NY Times in particular have taken their toll and the result is a loss of talent.  Offered a buyout package with considerable weight, Carter chose to take the buyout and leave his NY Times post. 

The NY Times loss may just be someone else's gain.  Just as David Pogue left the Times for Yahoo, Carter might find open arms on the digital side of the world.  And for those of us seeking another book, he now has time to work on one.  Unfortunately for The New York Times, losing recognizable content creators like Bill Carter makes it harder for them to deliver best in class writing.  It only provides more impetus to also unsubscribe from the Times for online content.