Monday, November 5, 2007

With the writer's strike everyone loses

There is truth in the line, "Those that forget history are bound to repeat it". The lessons of a strike hurt everyone, including the ones that are striking. And while it is a tactic in the fight for a better contract, it is far better to stay at the table and bargain in good faith, then hit the strike lines.

The repercussions of this strike go farther than just the two sides. Its economic ramifications hit far. Those other folks working on the show, are no longer working either. it takes many talented people, beside the writers, to turn the words into a show or movie. The networks, cable, and even new distribution platforms like Hulu and Joost are affected. No new shows, no new advertising revenue. And as consumers and viewers, we fall out of the pattern of watching these shows. That means that the shows lose their loyal base. Viewers find other things to do with their time and once they leave, it is harder to win them back.

And so there are no winners to a strike, only losers. So lets hope for a quick and equitable resolution.