Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TBS to go HI Def in September

I am old enough to remember when TV shows went from Black & White to Color. Shows like Gilligan's Island started in one format and finsihed in another. So now we face another technological innovation, Hi Def. As more homes bring in Hi Def screens, more demand emerges for the content in Hi Def as well. I have one Hi Def TV, and it is not connected to a cable box. Its that obtrusive set-top box, it limits the TVs ability and it takes extra space on the counter. I don't want it. Put the technology inside the TV, authorize with a cablecard, and more people will use their Hi Def TVs to watch Hi Def content.

How fast will it take till all content to be offered in HD? Today, we need a special channel though to watch this content, and even that content is not 24/7 HD. Just take a look at ESPN HD, TNT HD, etc. Some of the programs and of course the ads are still in the "old" format. And most peple may have bought their new HD TV because of the thin screen and ergonomic look, and don't realize they are not getting true HD. Heck they probably don't realize that it has to be tuned to the HD version of the channel showing an HD show. This conversion may take longer than anyone expected.