Thursday, July 28, 2016

Is Alexa More Than A Fad

Check out the recent article in the NY Times called Alexa, What Else Can You Do?  Getting More From Amazon Echo.  It offers additional tips and tricks to make your device a more valuable component to your home and the center of your Smart Home.  It's a good idea but I wonder how many homes have embraced Alexa to such an extent.

We have Alexa in the home and its most useful feature seems to be to tell us a joke.  We have yet to connect it to the HVAC or any electrical device.  We don't subscribe to Amazon Prime so don't push our music through it.  And it is relegated to the kitchen with the need to shout to access it from a nearby room.  For us, for the moment, it is merely a fad.  But a fad that is simply ahead of its time before it converts to must have.  How long it might take to achieve necessity requires too many what ifs.