Monday, January 14, 2008

Apple announcements at Macworld

With CES done till next year, attention turns to Macworld and to what Apple's next big announcement will be. Apple continues to demonstrate that it understands the new media world and the connection between useful software and ergonomically attractive hardware. And while they have had a few misses like Apple TV, the iPhone, the mac, even the use of intel chips have made Steve Jobs more right than wrong.

The rumors swirl around the introduction of a rental app to iTune, a more improved Apple TV, smaller versions of existing products and who knows what else. For me, I'd love to hear a Tivo or slingbox partnership, the iPhone screen on the large mac desktops and books, and more communication innovations - wimax. it will certainly be fascinating this week to hear which rumors are indeed true and which are simply wishes. But as it has been seen, Steve Jobs sure knows how to make wishes come true.